Thursday, August 13, 2009

One last THING....

Blog about your 27 Things experience.

What did you learn? I learned there is a lot out there that I didn't know about! Kidding! I do like some of the "things" - Zoho is very cool - I was already using a RSS feeder and I had used flikr a little, but not a whole lot - there are a lot of possibilities with that one since my husband is getting more into photography. I had used youtube a lot and I already had a personal blog. I learned there is a something out there for everyone no matter what you like to do.

What did you like? - The one thing I discovered that I wasn't already doing and I like is Zoho. the rest was interesting, but I can do without them. Oh and twitter! I really like twitter! I was able to twitter while at the Jazz Fest Memorial Day weekend and my parents could look at my blog and see what we were doing. I quit doing it for a while, but have started back up a couple of days ago. I was a little weird seeing who I would get a followers based on what I tweeted!

What was missing? - Facebook and the time to play with all the new gadgets of Internet 2.0. I found myself thinking - "Would I really use this?" as I was doing most of the things - and the most annoying thing? Having to sign up for everything!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thingfo - Invite only - and I guess I'm not invited!

So when I go to sign up for Thingfo it is invite only right now. That is OK - I don't think I'm popular enough to use it anyway. I don't do some of those things reguarly to take full advantage of it.

The new SPL website...

I have likes and dislikes on the new site. I do have more likes now that I have explored it more. I still don't like Encore though. I like the job links and I had sent them to my older son when he was job hunting. I also love the laguage learning tools and plan to take advantage of them soon! I think we have a lot of resources that people don't know about and unless you have the time and patience to sit a look through the website you will never know what is there.


I will be perfectly honest - with all the music and audiobooks I have on my Ipod, I don't really use Podcasting - there was a couple that I subscribed to a while back, but they just didn't keep my interest enough to have them taking up valuable space on my Ipod and my RSS feeder is already full of lots of things I don't have time to read or listen to as it is.

I "heart" Youtube!

This is my current fave - my older son and his fiance are currently planning their wedding and it is cool to check out how other people have done things differently!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This post is being brought to you by ZOHO writer!  I can see the possibilities with this application - I can write something and have it accessible to my husband who could proofread it for me.  We could have a list of items on the web that we could both access if we needed to such as books or dvd's owned.  I would even be able to pull it up on my handheld device without storing on the memory of my handheld!

Week 7 of 27things!

So it hit me that I use wiki's everyday and I have made my "castle" in the sandbox but didn't post about doing it!

My favorite wiki to use at work is the circulation manual - now if only the processing manual would be wiki that would be cool!!