Wednesday, May 13, 2009

License plate watching!

So last night on my way home I was taking a look at cars going by and seeing if the three letter combination on their license plates were also SPL branch codes - yes I know - I do have a life, I had placed my car stereo faceplate in the back of the car and then wasn't going to stop and get it, I just wanted to get home. So for those of you still reading my post and curious as to what I found...NNT, ARC and MCC!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I don't get out much....

These are states I have visited - I included Tenneesee - but I was there when I was four and I don't remember much about it except the thunderstorms - I also included Florida but I was only passing through there on my way to a cruise ship.....

I don't get out much...
Make yours @
Make yours @

Monday, May 4, 2009

A twittering I will go!

So I signed up for twitter and after about 8 hours of doing it and thinking "Why am I doing this??" I ended up totally hooked! I also discovered that I can text to not only twitter but to facebook as well. Signing up for texting has also had an unexpected benefit! My older son who is in college texts all the time but I hardly ever speak to him on the phone - I have now heard from him more in the last week through texting than I have in the past month on the phone! So I went from signing up for 200 texts, to upgrading that in three days so I have 1500 a month now and I update my facebook page more often and I won't be bored while sitting on one place ever again!!


Maybe I'm missing the point on this one.... I don't get Rollyo - I consider myself pretty internet savvy - but I'm not getting it...

Library Thing...

I was not impressed with library thing for some reason - to each her own I guess - I use Goodreads and I am happy with that - I find no reason to have two sites that basically do the same thing for me.

A running wordle!

Wordle: Running Wordle

Week 3 and 4 of 27 things!

I signed up for flikr a while back but have not done much with it - I'm more impressed with Google Picassa (Thanks Ann!!) - not to say I will never use flikr - I do have friends that post their pictures on it so I will check out their photos and it is pretty cool to check out photos that have been taken of places that I frequent and see their takes on the place - there are photos taken of bridges and such from various angles that I would have never thought of looking that way at an object.

One of my favorite websites is a spinoff from geeksugar - fitsugar! My day hasn't started until I have checked out what is going on there!

Speaking of Fitsugar - that goes into the next topic of RSS - can I just say "I love RSS!!" I allows to read a lot of sites and blogs in a short amount of time and have them all in one place! I use Google of course and their homepage and reader is one of the first things I look at in the morning - I check out my horoscope, I have countdown timers on it for important dates, top stores from local news sources and of course my ever growing list of sites and blog that I have to read! I have the unshelved cartoon added to it and that is my library fix for the day!