Thursday, August 13, 2009

One last THING....

Blog about your 27 Things experience.

What did you learn? I learned there is a lot out there that I didn't know about! Kidding! I do like some of the "things" - Zoho is very cool - I was already using a RSS feeder and I had used flikr a little, but not a whole lot - there are a lot of possibilities with that one since my husband is getting more into photography. I had used youtube a lot and I already had a personal blog. I learned there is a something out there for everyone no matter what you like to do.

What did you like? - The one thing I discovered that I wasn't already doing and I like is Zoho. the rest was interesting, but I can do without them. Oh and twitter! I really like twitter! I was able to twitter while at the Jazz Fest Memorial Day weekend and my parents could look at my blog and see what we were doing. I quit doing it for a while, but have started back up a couple of days ago. I was a little weird seeing who I would get a followers based on what I tweeted!

What was missing? - Facebook and the time to play with all the new gadgets of Internet 2.0. I found myself thinking - "Would I really use this?" as I was doing most of the things - and the most annoying thing? Having to sign up for everything!

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