Monday, May 4, 2009

A twittering I will go!

So I signed up for twitter and after about 8 hours of doing it and thinking "Why am I doing this??" I ended up totally hooked! I also discovered that I can text to not only twitter but to facebook as well. Signing up for texting has also had an unexpected benefit! My older son who is in college texts all the time but I hardly ever speak to him on the phone - I have now heard from him more in the last week through texting than I have in the past month on the phone! So I went from signing up for 200 texts, to upgrading that in three days so I have 1500 a month now and I update my facebook page more often and I won't be bored while sitting on one place ever again!!


  1. Twitter is hecka cool! I'm using it to tap professional expertise and to stay in touch with family via the Facebook feed.

    Texting is the lingua franca now of young people. My teen daughter can easily do several thousand texts per month! It's cheaper for us to buy an unlimited plan that we all can share than to demand she even try to stay within a limit.

  2. I like Twitter a lot, too. It's fun and it's useful!