Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lifelong Learning...

After viewing the lifelong learning slideshow I have some steps I do better than others. I know one step I really need to work on is Habit 3 - Viewing problems as challenges - I don't do this very well at all. (understatement...) I don't like problems, they are a distraction and an annoyance. To me they are not a challenge to overcome, they just need to go away. I know I can change my thinking and by being a lifelong learner I can learn to look at problems another way and taking that step will help me grow.


  1. Clearly, you don't have a problem with challenges--good luck with the marathon! Lifelong learning should be a breeze in comparison...

  2. Uh yeah. Anyone that can run 26.2 miles is up for any challenge that comes her way. Awesome!